CGA to SCART adapter

CGA to SCART adapter

My CGA (RGBi) to SCART adapter. Has decent pictures. But used for a C128 the brown colour is more dark yellow. Used with a PC you still have dark yellow, but most DOS games developers in the CGA days did not expect brown due to the lack of RGBi monitors in those days. Most people uses composite output which was dark yellow and not brown. My second attempt of making the CGA to Scart adapter in the smaller picture.

Check out YouTube video

Here you can see the picture quality on an LCD monitor and an CRT monitor. Although the pictures says otherwise the quality was better on the CRT monitor. I guess the screen reflection disturbs the picture. You can also see that the dark yellow is more brownish on the CRT.

I tried again with Pyrofers RGBi to VGA (15khz). His device fixes the brown colour. With a VGA to SCART cable from it worked fine. Compare to the picture aboute to see the difference on the Dark Yellow/Brown colour.


I can confirm that the same CGA to SCART adapter works in EGA 320x200x16 and 640x200x16. It does not work in 640x350 resolution - due to different frequency. The photo is taken from an Amstrad PC1640 with EGA output in the game Arkanoid 2.