MCA Cards

RAM Expansion card - MCA

RAM Expansion card - MCA

XGA Graphics card - MCA - 1990

  • The XGA Graphics Chip

  • XGA Display Adapter/A

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  • Like the 8514, XGA offered fixedfunction hardware acceleration to offload processing of 2D drawing tasks. Both adapters allowed offloading of line-draw, bitmap-copy (BitBlt), and color-fill operations from the host CPU.

8514/A Graphics Accelerator - MCA - 1987

  • IBM Display Adapter 8514/A

  • The 8514/A Graphics Accelerator

  • These VGA Cards have a COPROCESSOR!

  • The IBM 8514 adapter does not generate VGA. It does generate 1024 x 768 at 43.5 Hz, interlaced, and that's all. Its an accelerator card thats accelerate and gives a new 1024x768 resolution. The memory on the card is only for the new resolution. Your existing VGA card will not have access to the extra video memory.

  • The 8514/A card simply provides a high resolution of 1024 x 768 with 16 or 256 colors.

  • When the system is running applications in VGA mode (or lesser resolutions) the 8514/A card simply passes the VGA information from the motherboard VGA controller through the Auxiliary Video Extension (AVE). When applications require high resolution, a TSR program called HDILOAD (provided with the adapter) installs the 8514/A Adapter Interface (AI) code.

8514/A Graphics Accelerator - MCA - 1987

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  • Unlike later pass-through solutions used by video decoder or 3D accelerator boards (notably the 3Dfx Voodoo line), the 8514/A did not use an analog pass-through. The PS/2 VGA chips supported a special digital connection which provided digital data before passing it through a palette look-up table (LUT). In pass-through mode, the LUT and DAC of the 8514/A were used, bypassing the on-board VGA ones. To this end, the 8514/A could shadow the VGA palette—writes to the VGA DAC were also directed to the 8514/A DAC, which was fully compatible but supported higher pixel clocks. The 8514/A’s DAC could also be controlled separately without affecting the VGA DAC.

  • Like other pass-through solutions, this set-up also allowed users to attach two monitors and use the VGA and the 8514/A simultaneously, even if that was not the typical usage scenario. This was a notable difference from nearly all follow-on designs which integrated a VGA core with an accelerator on a single chip (or at least a single board).

CNet Network card - MCA


16-bit Ethernet" LAN card compatible with Novell" NE/2 software.
Jumper settings

  • NIC Type: Ethernet

  • Transfer Rate: 10Mbps

  • Data Bus: 16-bit ISA

  • Topology: Linear Bus

  • Wiring Type RG-58A/U 50ohm coaxial

  • AUI transceiver via DB-15 port

  • Boot ROM Available